When I left Australia 5 years ago, I knew I had to go back. How, when and for how long, I wasn’t sure about just yet. Until last year. Since our wedding season is a bit different in the Netherlands, I decided I wanted to spend my more quiet month(s) at the beginning of the year down under. How perfect would it be to have the best of both worlds? And that’s why I went back last March, to see if this could become a reality in the future.

I met Fatemeh and Ehsan through videographer Lauri (Agapè Stories), as they were looking for a photographer to capture their engagement party in Sydney. They met 5 years ago and travelled all over the globe together. On Saturday the 24th of March, they celebrated their engagement at The Butchers Daughter with family and friends. Fatemeh and Ehsan are both Persian, Fatemeh was born in Iran and Ehsan in Sydney. At the beginning of the party, their family decorated a table dedicated to the Persian new year. Decked out with colourful fabrics, lovely smelling herbs, cookies and other delicious looking treats. The family of the couple told me all about their traditional customs and constantly checked in to see if everything was okay. So kind! Despite the whole event being in Persian instead of English, I felt incredibly at home and so very welcome.

I love how photography is a way of exploring other lives and other cultures. I love how it’s a way to capture meaningful moments, a way to keep them safe and save them for later. I love how photography brings me so much joy and makes my life extra worthwhile. And I love how photography gives me the opportunity to travel and see the world. I truly have the most beautiful profession in the world.

Thank you Fatemeh and Ehsan (+ family!) for letting me peek into your world.


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