I recently blogged Emmie & Tom’s wedding day. As Emmie was my very first ever to get married, she was also the first we threw a bachelorette party for. I think it was a good thing we had no experience in this department, because that meant we could make our own rules. We quickly agreed on a couple of things: 1) We had to get out of the country and 2) we wanted to incorporate an active element, preferably in nature.

That brought us to the Ardennen in Belgium. While wearing party hats, we surprised her at her home. Her husband to be had packed her things and we we’re ready to go. We didn’t tell her anything while driving for hours (but boy, did she try to get some info out of us 😉) before arriving in a beautiful bungalow in the middle of nowhere. These were our surroundings during two days of fun & friendship.

These pictures we’re shot on 35mm film.

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