What are the odds of meeting people from Arkansas while on a photography course on the Azores islands? Well, that’s exactly what happened when I met Danielle and Connor. As some of you may know, I lived in Arkansas for a year when I was 18. A place that’s very dear to my heart, still after all those years.

Connor and his two brothers form a band called Move Orchestra (check them out!). We got to listen to them on one of the nights during Camp Archipelago. It was just a small group of us, which made it so much more intimate and special. Danielle told me they had recorded sounds all over the island and incorporated them into their songs. It was definitely one of my favorite moments of the entire week. I loved observing the other listeners. Heather & Dennis dancing, arms waving. Ondřej laying on the floor. And Rafal, sitting there with his eyes closed, taking it all in. “This is true art”, he said to me when I sat down next to him.



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Hennie Giebing-Brugmans
mei 22, 2017
Wat zijn ze weer mooi ......klasse